Advanced Yoga Teacher Training – 200 Hours

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Why Train with Spirit of Yoga?

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training gives you a broader and deeper set of skills and insights to bring into your practice and teaching. The advanced element of the training is not about advanced asanas. It is about developing an advanced understanding of how to effectively teach asana, pranayama and meditation to all levels and types of students. You will consider each of these topics in detail as part of your ongoing development as a professional yoga teacher.

This program asks for your full commitment to being on the path of the teacher, starting with an active personal practice and teaching. There are several requirements but also considerable freedom to choose specific areas for deep study and training.

Teaching Methods

Teaching methods include: lectures, experiential classes, small and large group work, practice teaching time, exercises for learning and discovery, lectures and review of homework.

Asana sessions are taught by Maggie, occasionally assisted by other qualified teachers.

Course Content

The course content covers the following general areas:

  • Asana Technique & Teaching Methods
  • Practical Yoga History & Philosophy
  • Practical Yoga Anatomy
  • Advanced Class Planning & Sequencing
  • Teaching Pranayama
  • Subtle Energy & Anatomy
  • Meditation Practices
  • The Art of Seeing & Relating
  • Demonstrating & Cuing
  • Practice Teaching
  • Lifestyle & Ethics
  • The Profession & Business of Yoga


Ideally students will have:

  1. 300-Hour yoga teacher certification from a credible source.
  2. Minimum of one year of teaching experience or equivalent. Provide proof of this.
  3. Current teaching experience

However, applications will be assessed on an individual basis so if you don’t match all of the criteria please get in touch for an interview.


Venue: Spirit of Yoga Ashram Spain and India.

Venue Rishikesh, India.

Cost: 1,700 euros

Course Dates: 16th  – 30th November 2020.

The course will be of a 24 days duration, comprised of two weeks in India, one week practical in our Ashram in Spain and five days home study.

Preferably the first two weeks will take place in Rishikesh, India. If a differnet location in India this will be mentioned. Followed by a two week session in Iznate at our Ashram.

However, for those unable to come to India it is sometimes possible to do the complete Advanaced Level in Spain. Please enquire.


INDIA 16th Nov – 30th November 2020.

SPAIN and INDIA YTTC four week intensives,  include all tuition, books, certificate and accommodation (not meals).

Please visit our Upcoming Trainings page for more information.