James, Spain

“There are just no words to describe my experiences…….it has been awesome. I feel i have really found myself. And many questions i had unanswered in my mind have found explanations in the yoga philosophy that we studied. Thank you so much”

Anne, Australia

“It was a fantastic course…..very in-depth…it has been a journey of self-transformation, as well as learning how to share this precious knowledge with others”

Sally, England

“I have learned of the great significance of taking care of the spine……..we are as young as the spine is flexible”

Feli, Germany

“What i found in Iznate was a really great, very sweet little Ashram with a beautiful garden, stunning views, an inspiring head teacher and a lovely intimate community of warm, caring and interesting people. I find it wonderful how yoga can transform ones life and how healing it can be in so many ways”

Xena, Tenerife

“It has been challenging, invigorating, demanding, revitalising and inspiring! And exactly what i was looking for! I have been delighted to be on a course with such supportive and caring people, and feel blessed to have been here”

Christina, Spain

“This yoga teacher training course has opened my eyes to the enormity of what yoga is. I have learned that yoga is a vast subject covering the mind, body and soul and that its message is as relevant today as it was more than 3,000 years ago”