RISHIKESH – Valley of The Saints

Spiritual Trips to Rishikesh, Yoga and Ayurveda Retreats, YOGA TEACHER TRAINING.

Rishikesh - The Valley of the Saints


200hrs intensive programs certified with Yoga Alliance International.

We will visit little known holy places, ashrams, temples, view the Himalayas, walk on the white sands of the Ganga, attend Ganga Arati, drive to the Famous Siva temple and lots more! 


Come and experience classical yoga in the home of its origin, India, close to the sacred River Ganges. Taste the benefits of a regular daily yoga practice. You will feel more relaxed, happier and have greater peace of mind. Make your mind your friend and not your enemy!

“For one who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to do so, the mind will remain the greatest enemy.” Bhagavad Gita 6.6

Yoga holidays and courses in North and South India.
Yoga / Ayurveda Retreats at Sanskriti an Ayurvedic Spa close to the River Ganges, and Yoga retreats at a luxury resort with pool and gardens. Some Yoga retreats will take place in a traditional ashram environment.

All venues within a ten minute walk from the Ganges River, forested hillsides, walks in nature.


200hrs Intensive-
24th OCTOBER – 18th NOVEMBER 2013.

10th-22nd Feb 2014.

Combined YOGA THERAPY/ADVANCED level five week intensive-
Oct/Nov 2014
Cost for above combined program 2,300 euros.
These two modules can also be taken separately.

For more information please see YOGA TEACHER TRAINING page.

Rishikesh is an ancient pilgrimage town, situated in the foothills of the Himalayas and beside the River Ganges. It is the starting point for those wishing to head up into the snowy mountains for trecking and visiting Holy pilgrimage sites such as at Gangotri and Badrinath. Around Rishikesh area there are many places of interest to visit, ancient temples, evening arti beside the Ganges, rafting and horseriding.

Yoga originated in India and it is well worth experiencing yoga in its place of origin, where you can soak in the spiritual vibrations which will take you deeper into yourself and help you to become relaxed and free from tensions. India is an ancient culture with deep spiritual origins, it is also a land of great beauty and of incredibly varied experiences. It is a land of colour both physically and experientially.

These Yoga Teacher Training courses and Yoga/Ayurvedic retreats are being offered in beautiful venues a few miles up river from Rishikesh town, amidst natural beauty; but within easy walking distance of temples, shops, river boats, swinging pedestrian bridges and plenty of cafes serving delicious food!


Yogi Yogendra teaches in the tradition of the Himalayan masters. He spent a period of his life living  in the Himalayas as a spiritual seeker. He presently teaches in Rishikesh, Europe and Canada.

Manorama has been his student for eight years and currently teaches yoga in Spain and India.
She is the founder and director of Spirit of Yoga Classical Yoga Institute in Malaga, Spain.
Manorama has a wealth of knowledge about India and its traditions, and offers educational and spiritual retreats and pilgrimages to the lesser known holy places.
Both Yogi Yogendra and Manorama offer non-commercial classical yoga training courses and retreats.
For more information on the Spiritual Retreats please contact us by email.



Patnem, south Goa. Ten day yoga courses/vacations. Relaxed environment only 200meters from the beach. Relax on sandy beaches, amidst the green, luxuriant Goan countryside. Lie in bed at night and hear the waves breaking on the shore and the cicadas in the palm trees!

Daily yoga classes, yoga nidra and meditation. Accomodation in local guest house only 200meters from the sea. Yoga classes in airy yoga space close to thebeach.

Yoga classes every morning and evening. Yogic relaxation each morning. Meditation and mantra chanting each evening.

Dates and prices to be announced shortly.