ADVANCED YOGA TEACHER TRAINING IN TIRUVANNAMALAI, S.INDIA……the home of the great spiritual master Sri Ramana Maharshi.

It is now possible to continue your yoga studies with Spirit of Yoga at the intermediate and advanced levels.
We have been training Yoga teachers for over five years, and many have asked to continue with us at the 300hrs and 500hrs level. Some students have already done this.

INDIA Yoga Therapy 8th – 20th Nov.
INDIA Advanced level 14th Nov – 2nd Dec.
INDIA Combined Yoga Therapy and Advanced level 8th Nov – 2nd Dec 2014.

It is important that the classical/traditional teachings are kept alive and not lost. Therefore, students will be able to study with us at the yoga therapy/advanced levels, to enable them to share the precious yoga teachings with others.
From 2014 we are offering a limited number of places for students to train at the Yoga Therapy and Advanced levels.
These programs are open to all students who have successfully completed their 200hrs level with us, OR with any other recognised registered yoga school.
For further details and costs please see the YOGA TEACHER TRAINING page.
We wish all students and teachers success on their teaching journey, and the joy of sharing yoga with others.