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200 RYT Teacher Training

Why Train with Spirit of Yoga?

For those looking for an authentic training in classical yoga and its healing benefits for body and mind.

“In a world where yoga has been made more marketable to the masses, it is often difficult to find the true meaning of the practice. The month i spent with Manorama back in 2011 was one of the biggest turing points in my life. I discovered so much more than i had ever realised was available. It truly opened my eyes to the power of yoga. If you want an authentic and traditional course, then this is the one for you!” Helen Hooper, Yoga teacher UK.

The course is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of all aspects of yoga practices:

  • the knowledge that will enable you to teach Level 1 asana classes confidently and competently
  • awareness of safe practice for both teacher and student through modification and sequencing of asanas to suit an individual’s body
  • self-confidence and belief in your ability to communicate and demonstrate
  • step by step guidance in designing a 6-week beginner’s course that you can immediately apply in your teaching
  • a thorough grounding in the history and philosophy of yoga
  • insightful awareness of your own practice: both an acceptance of its limits and the tools to evolve
  • an experiential foundation of yoga philosophy and how to integrate this into your life
  • thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology and its application in the practise of asana
  • practical advice on how to set up your own yoga business from people who already have
  • an awareness of the issues that can arise for you as a teacher
  • a professional and ethical framework from which to practice
  • small groups so that we are able to give you plenty of individual attention, and help you to realise your own unique gifts and skills


Teaching Methods

Teaching methods include: lectures, experiential classes, small and large group work, practice teaching time, exercises for learning and discovery, lectures and review of homework.

Asana sessions are taught by Maggie, occasionally assisted by other qualified teachers.

Course Content

The course content covers the following general areas:

  • evolution of your own practice and focus on understanding of what’s happening in your body/mind as your foundation to teach
  • de-construction and analysis of key poses, their core alignment points and how to teach them
  • common postural problems, modifications, safe practice and preventing injury
  • how to make sensitive adjustments
  • essential pranayama, breath awareness and restorative yoga
  • practical anatomy & physiology, including conditions you may encounter when you teach
  • different approaches to meditation, personal and experiential teaching practice
  • the history of yoga
  • study of key texts including the yoga sutras of patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita
  • teaching skills including class planning and sequencing
  • common issues arising out of a teaching practice such as covering classes, teaching one to one and groups
  • essentials of setting up your own yoga business
  • chanting healing mantras
  • ethical practice


The 200-level training is open to students of all ages and abilities. You must have an established personal practice. Maggie will speak with each student individually to access his/her suitability for the training programme.


Venue: Casa Morisco, Spain
2023 Costs: FROM €4,485 euros SHARED OR SINGLE ROOMS includes three meals a day.


Course Dates & Registration

There are three YTTC options to choose from at the 200 hrs level:

YTTC 200hrs twenty one days  intensive in Malaga, SPAIN.

Year 2023 Intensive

14th May – 28th May  and 27th August – 3rd September 2023 (Training in two parts)

9th – 30th September 2023

3rd – 16th  October 2023 (Yoga Therapy/Healing Path  of Yoga Training 100hrs)

200hrs YTTC 10/12 months duration:

Starts first day of each month from 25th September 2021/Finish date 10/12months from your start date. This program will take place over 10/12 months. It will consist of mostly person to person classes at our Spirit of Yoga Ashram, some online classes, and some personal home study. There will be approx 2/3 days per month of classes. The course is self paced within a fixed time period.

3rd – 16th October 2023 (Yoga Therapy Training 100hrs)

You can take the course in one of the following ways:

1) 21 day intensive.

2) Two eleven day modules.

3) Three seven day modules.

SPAIN 200hrs YTTC 22 days intensives,  include all tuition, books, certificate and single room accommodation (not meals).

Please visit our Upcoming Trainings page for more information.