“This yoga teacher training course has opened my eyes to the enormity of what yoga is. I have learned that yoga is a vast subject covering the mind, body and soul and that its message is as relevant today as it was more than 3,000 years ago”.
Christina, Spain.

“I have learned to really feel the asanas, do the asanas, breathe in the asanas and notice the benefits of the asanas, and at the same time learn how to teach asanas, plan asana classes, and grow in confidence, knowing that i can teach asanas safely and effectively to many types of people”.
Christina, Spain.

“I am really glad that i came to exactly this yoga course and i would advise it to everyone! It was great to study all the aspects of yoga so carefully.” Edvins.

“The simplicity and beauty of the Ashram made me feel very comfortable, and the fellow students and teachers were so warm hearted. I learned so much from Manoramas knowledge and understanding of the Yogic path – but most of all i learned from her heart. She is in complete coherance with what she thinks, says and feels.” Katerina.

“The asana classes were very important for me as i really came to understand my body and yoga practice…………by the end of the four weeks i had mapped my body in depth, and i feel this will make me a better teacher.” Katerina.

“It has been challenging, invigorating, demanding, revitalising and inspiring! And exactly what i was looking for! I have been delighted to be on a course with such supportive and caring people, and feel blessed to have been here”. Xena, Teneriffe.

“What i found in Iznate was a really great, very sweet little Ashram with a beautiful garden, stunning views, an inspiring head teacher and a lovely intimate community of warm, caring and interesting people. I find it wonderful how yoga can transform ones life and how healing it can be in so many ways”. Feli, Germany.

“I have learned of the great significance of taking care of the spine……..we are as young as the spine is flexible”.
Sally, England.

“It was a fantastic course…..very in-depth…it has been a journey of self-transformation, as well as learning how to share this precious knowledge with others”.
Anne, Australia.

“There are just no words to describe my experiences…….it has been awesome. I feel i have really found myself. And many questions i had unanswered in my mind have found explanations in the yoga philosophy that we studied. Thank you so much”.
James, Spain.

“The yoga classes were marvallous. The tuition second to none. Maggies voice clarity calmed my mind during the classes, making the practice so much more enjoyable.I learned so much about my own body alignment and posture”.
Michelle, England.

“I loved learning the AUM meditation and all about the mudras”.
Michelle, England.

“I would really recommend this course to others”.

“I think the most important thing i have learned on this course is about consciousness. To be conscious in everything i do”.
Louise, France.

“I have realised that yoga is a way of living and being…..attending the course has marked a turning point in my life…..which is about following my true path and having faith to take action on my hearts desire. I am so glad i “jumped” and came to Spain to do the course”. Sally, England.

“I am now extremely excited about teaching yoga, and i feel fulfilled by being able to help people by sharing this yoga knowledge. I liked the format of the course which meant that we were eased into the role of teacher, rather than being thrown in the deep end! It felt like a seamless transition”.
Sally, England.

“I am especially grateful for the personal and caring atmosphere on the course and the lovely energy of the ashram. Thank you!”

“I now have a deeper understanding of Yoga as a whole life concept…..how it can help me, my family and my students to move forward in harmony with the universe”. Dee, Spain.

“The Yoga Teacher Training program was very thorough, with a lovely personal touch, lots of individual help, and very, very inspiring. Thank you!”.
Maria, Italy.

“I originally joined the program as a retreat…..but as the course progressed, the natural progression of the teaching enabled me to feel more confident to step into the role of a yoga teacher, and complete the final examinations! I feel lucky to have been part of such a lovely group of people”. Helen, Ireland.

“This course has changed and inspired me. My key word is now balance!” Sunni-Kris, Spain.

“In the past i have not enjoyed anatomy and physiology classes….but the content as taught on this course has inspired me; the text book was really wonderful…..we looked at all the different systems in the body from a yogic perspective, and it really has shed light on how to teach asanas correctly”.
Astrid, Germany.

“I loved the Yogic philosophy module, which incorporated the teachings of the Six Paths and Eight Limbs, the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita. I surprised myself as i also loved the mantras……they were uplifting and inspiring”. Jude, Ireland.

“I have been on many courses………but this has been the best so far. Thank you!” Sofia, Spain.

“I first met Manorama in India, and i liked her style of teaching very much. I am so pleased i went to Spain to take the Yoga Teacher Training course with Spirit of Yoga. It was very in-depth, and i learned much more than i was expecting to”.
Student from Japan.

“Although English is not my first language, i found the teachers very patient and they took time to explain things to me. I am very glad i chose this course as there was a very personal touch to it”. Junko, Japan.

“I really did enjoy this course. I did not feel pushed or pressurized, and felt able to grow and practice at my own rate.
This helped me in my self-esteem and removed a lot of my shyness. Thank you to everyone!” Student, Spain.