Yoga & Healing Foundation

YOGA and HEALING FOUNDATION is our new sister organisation!

Are you interested in the restorative and healing effects of yoga?

Would you like to learn how to implement these practices in your own life, and to share them with others?

Yoga and Healing Foundation seeks to promote the healing power of yoga alongside other forms of healing such as Pranic healing and Reiki healing. This will be supported by our Yoga Therapy Module.

Our Yoga and Healing Course/ Retreat is now confirmed! It will offer a restorative and relaxing week of yoga, healing yoga practices, healing mantras, introduction to marma therapy, pranic healing techniques and introduction to swara yoga. The program will include Reiki One atunements/re-atunements.

You will learn how to give healing to yourself and others.

Also planned for the near future a YTTC 200hrs in Yoga and Healing, and a 100hrs YTTC in Yoga and Meditation (2018).

Through my own life experiences i have had first hand experience of the power of healing. This is always the first “therapy” I turn to.

HealingMy first healing experience happened when i was only thirteen years of age, it was powerful and laid the foundation for the rest of my life.

I have been training Yoga Teachers for over ten years , and following the path of yoga for more than thirty years. It is now my wish to combine the healing power of yoga and working with the healing energies of the Universe, to create an environment where people can come to learn how to heal themselves and others through the healing power of Yoga and Pranic healing practices.

REIKI healing attunements will also be available, and you will learn how to access the healing energy to help yourself and others.


YOGA THERAPY/RESTORATIVE YOGA 100hrs Module – The Healing Path of Yoga
Venue: Rishikesh, India
Dates: 17th – 30th February 2023
Cost: 1,750 euros

REIKI TWO workshop:
Learn the techniques of Reiki healing for self healing practices and for sharing with others.
Dates: July 2019.
Venue: Spirit of Yoga Ashram, Iznate.
Cost: 110 euros to include Reiki Manual and certificate.

A two day Yoga Refresher course for Yoga Teachers or those with a home self practice, and keen interest in yoga.
Suggested dates: 13th/14th  July 2022.
Venue: Spirit of Yoga Ashram.

SUMMER YOGA retreats.





Re – Fresher YOGA ASANAS for Yoga Teachers 13th/14th July 2022.

Please enquire for dates, costs and availability.

Dates to be confirmed for 2022/2023

*Yoga and meditation 100hrs certificate course/retreat.
*Yoga and Healing 200hrs YTTC.