Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Yoga Teacher Training Courses



Take your passion for YOGA one step further and train to teach! Take a journey deep into the heart of yoga. 

Based on traditional Yoga practice and theory,as well as modern knowledge of the body and mind,this is an in-depth program that will maximise your effectiveness as a Yoga teacher. You will find a new depth to your enjoyment and love of Yoga.

Yoga is one of the ancient sciences of India, with its roots in the Vedic literature. We teach in accordance with the classical texts.

“SPIRIT OF YOGA” is affiliated with Tapovan Dham Dhyan Yoga Center in Rishikesh, India, whose founder is Yogi Yogendra Mishra. The school has developed from the combined desires and efforts of Maggie Levien (Manorama Devi Dasi) and Yogendra Yogi, to spread the knowledge of yoga. It is dedicated to helping people realize their potential, and to develop better health and harmony of body and mind, through the practice of yoga and related subjects.

The Yoga Teacher Training will take you deeper into your yoga journey, and help you to successfully apply the spiritual teachings of yoga to your life, and to the lives of your students.

The teachers are Maggie Levien (Manorama)(Spain and India) and Yogi Yogendra (India). Both teachers are fully trained at Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, Lonavla, India. Manorama is the Director of the Yoga Alliance International, for Spain.

Spirit of Yoga is registered with the Yoga Alliance International and the Yoga Alliance International Europe.

Certificates will be presented on successful completion of the course.

Courses to be held in Spain and India.

The 200hrs intensive training aims to give students a solid foundation in yoga teaching. Students will receive their certificate after successful completion of the program, and will be qualified to teach yoga classes to a variety of clients.
Students will learn how to plan a yoga class for different clients, study the asanas in detail, learn about the philosophy behind yoga and study various techniques of relaxation, meditation etc.
You can study up to RYT 500hrs with our Spirit of Yoga Programs.
You can also take extra curricula courses in Further Yoga Studies.


This is what one recent student has to say!

If you want to go on a journey.
If you want to open doors and evolve.
If you are brave, determined and steadfast.
If you want to delve into ancient scriptures.
If you want to study with high-minded people.
If you want to understand why you practice yoga.
If you want to discover purpose, friendship and enlightenment.
If you want to engage your mind, relax your body and open your spirit.
OR if you just want to lie  in the hammock listening to the hoot of an owl in a beautiful place…….then this is the course for you!