3 Questions to Ask when Choosing Your Yoga Teacher Training

Spirit of Yoga Teacher Training school has been operating yoga teacher training courses in Spain and in India for 10+ years. Over that time we have seen many students join our courses and have had the opportunity to learn what drew them to choose to undertake their 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Spirit of Yoga in Spain. Here’s some questions you might want to consider when deciding on your course:

1. Teaching Style
There are many styles and types of yoga. We specialise in classical Hatha Yoga Teacher Training meaning you will learn the foundations of Hatha Yoga – but with a broad focus on all of the 8 Limbs of Yoga, not simply the physical or asana teaching.

Some students come to us believing that yoga is primarily a physical practice. Through our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training you will get a well-rounded understanding of what it means to teach yoga. (By the way, that doesn’t mean you won’t be studying anatomy and physiology as well!)

2. Reputation and Reliability of Teacher Training School and Teacher
While some trainees will have had the opportunity to practice with the main YTT teacher, if you choose to take an intensive YTT then you might not know the teacher beforehand. It’s important to consider how long the school has been operating and find out what past students have to say about the experience. You can also request to speak with the teacher(s). We are always happy to arrange a time to speak with prospective YTT students.

3. Location, Investment and Class Size
Where is the YTT taking place? Is it comfortable surroundings? Undertaking an intensive YTT can be quite, well, intense! It’s important that you are in comfortable surroundings so that you can relax in your down time. Also consider the investment both of your time and of course, money. Investing time in your training means that you will have set aside the time for in-class learning but also the out of class time for self practice and self guided study. Don’t anticipate having much free time during your YTT! Finally, consider how big your YTT class will be. Very large classes are likely to mean less individual attention and input. Our Spirit of Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Spain and India are always capped at a reasonable size so that we can offer that personalized training experience.

Considering taking a 200 Hour Teacher Training Course in Spain? Our 2019 dates are now available to book. Find out more here about our Yoga Teacher Training Dates and Locations.